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Martins Hill Organic Wines

Martins Hill Organic Wines

Since 1985

Martins Hill Organic Wines is a NASAA certified organic vineyard, Vigneron and owner Michael Sweeney planted the first vines in 1985, successive plantings were added to the vineyard in 2000 and in 2015 the latest being a Riesling block. 2016 has seen an additional Pinot Noir block and a Shiraz planting.

The hardest workers in this sustainable organic process are the sheep, the birds and the lady beetles. The sheep maintain the floor of the vineyard and nurture the earth and add nutrients to the ground. The birds eat the locust and larvae from the vine moth and the lady beetles work on insect control.

Martins Hill is a small vineyard all vines are hand worked by Michael and his partner Louise.

Michael is a passionate winemaker who lives the organic lifestyle and produces preservative free and vegan friendly wines. 30 years of organic practices has resulted in the production of a beautiful clean fruit.


Phone: 02 6373 1248   Fax: 02 6373 1248

Postal Address:
1179 Castlereagh Hwy,

"Caring for your health...and the environment."