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Sustainability - Community & Environment

The Carrington Hotel was nearly derelict when restorations began in the latter part of last century.  Then in 2003, the current owners made the commitment to protect end develop this historic property.  Many areas of the property had been left to wrack and ruin, and so the property as a whole has been recycled into what the public can experience and enjoy today.

Recycled timbers have been used to restore or build doors, window frames, steps – even a coat rack has been made from  an old wardrobe.  

Original bricks are restored with the latest project being the de-construction then re-construction of the chimney using the original bricks.  Visit the Cellars & Deli or the Katoomba Brewing Company (scheduled opening 2016) and see the original brick walls restored and preserved.

Local artisans have been sourced to work on this old building in areas such as the stained glass windows, bricklaying and carpentry.

Whilst many of the bathrooms are in the original style, they are fully renovated to 21st century comfort with dual flushing toilets, underfloor heating and water saving devices on taps and showers using the best available water and energy efficient components

The Carrington Hotel prides itself on the number of corporate sustainability initiatives it undertakes to reduce costs for the business, protect the environment and contribute to the local community. Read more about these initiatives in this section