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Energy & Water consumption

Improving Energy efficiency and Greenhouse emissions

Co-generation or combined heat and power (CHP) is the use of a heat engine to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time.

co-generation plant has been operational since July 2012 to help reduce energy and greenhouse waste.  Since its installation, the co-generator has exceeded expectations, replacing 9 boilers for heating water and cutting natural gas output to a third of what it was in the past, whilst at the same time creating electricity for the hotel.

Another initiative to improve The Carrington Hotel's environmental footprint is the implementation of energy saving light globes in all light fixtures, including the Chandeliers since 2010. 

Reducing Water consumption and waste

Every drop counts ...  therefore a variety of initiatives have been implemented towards saving water, whilst also reducing electricity usage, minimising chemical use and saving on water charges.

In 2010, all 'Colonial room' bathrooms had baths replaced with showers and water saving shower heads.  In addition,  all toilets in the property had dual flush mechanisms fitted.  A dual-flush toilet is a variation of the flush toilet that uses two buttons or handles to flush different levels of water.

Our Guests are invited to hang and re-use their bathroom towels.

Since Spring of 2009, our gardeners have used water saving crystals in the garden to reduce water usage, and water is fed from a 5,000 litre tank installed on the property for this purpose.

In the future a fresh water catchment will be built to feed water from the roof directly into the micro brewery.       


Co-Generation Plant @ The Carrington Hotel      Educating guests about water use