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Black Rheno - Vortex East Coast Tour, Katoomba

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15 May 2020

HEAVY Magazine Presents
Black Rheno live at The Baroque Room May 15th
Katoomba NSW

Sydney’s brutal groove merchants Black Rheno are back at it again with their own headlining east coast tour running all through May with a bunch of show’s, a new music video and no doubt full blown insanity..

The ‘East Coast Vortex Tour’ hits The Baroque Room in Katoomba on May 15th and joining Black Rheno are local heavy hitters Master Leonard, Maroota Joe and Mountain Wizard Death Cult.

Black Rheno released their debut album ‘Noise Smasher' last October which saw them follow it up with a huge tour covering Japan, Australia & New Zealand along side New Orleans sludge royalty EYEHATEGOD. Back home their debut LP which blends elements of sludge, metal, grindcore, stoner & groove into one big cesspit of meat-riff partying has received tonnes of attention across the board. Wielding only drums a guitar and a vocalist, Black Rheno have forged a name as being one of the biggest sounding 3 piece bands you’ll find creating a highly intensive and at times brutal display of sounds that still manages to translate into one huge party vibe atmosphere. This is definitely a band that feeds off that raw energy found at a live show when you don’t know what ups or down, left or right, you just know you have to go with it.

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