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Tra La La Presents- Into The Vortex

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1 Mar 2019

For the Tra La la cabaret set, the show generally lasts 40 minutes and consists of two 20 minute acts. The performers are: Tracy Hardwick (stage name – Tra La La); Emily Yali (principal dancer and assistant choreographer); and Chris Combes (a highly proficient and enigmatic male dancer).

All shows are choreographed, costumed and have a theme. We use original music from the Tra La La album as well as other upbeat, sexy tunes


Followed by: DJ El Capitano playing until 1 am

He loved the energy, the layers, the electronic sounds and the build up that surged and ebbed like an ethereal wall of sound. His sets are primarily up tempo and fun - while they span happy house, sexy deep house, tribal and middle eastern influences there is always some element of trance lurking there